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+  H ions dissolve minerals from rocks and soils enhancing the natural solvent properties of water (making it nutrient-rich) + 2+ -  H +2+aCO  3a + HCO 3  Ca ions are very important to life and high conc. are vital esp. to orgnms who incorporate it into their shells +  H ions are essential for making nutrients available, but it also dissolves highly toxic heavy metals (detrimental to life) Plants Obtain Water and Nutrients from the Soil by Osmotic Potential  plants acquire inorganic nutrients (other than O, C, some N) as ions dissolved in water + -  N in soi3-as NH 4 NO 3  P – PO 4  Ca 2+ +  K  availability varies w/ their chemical form in the soil, temp. acidity, presence of other ions  K often limits plant production even when abundant  its formed compounds don’t dissolve easily Soil Structure and Water-Holding Capacity  soil retains water due to water’s unique properties  H O molecules cling to each other through hydrogen bonding (surface tension) 2  and to the surfaces of soil particles (capillary attraction)  soils consist of particles of clay, silt, sand, and organic materials  sizes: clay < silt < sand  total SA of particles increases as particle size decreases, soils w/ more clay and silt hol
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