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BIO120H © Lis| Page 311 Species Interactions and Ecological Release  competition has a major role in species sorting  more species = more species sorting  thus, each species should be able to maintain itself over only a narrow range of most adapted habitats  beta diversity should be high  ecological release: expansion of habitat and resource use and increase in abundance by ecological release a population in a region of low species richness  ex. island species (occur in greater D and expand into habitats that would be filled by other species on the mainland)  islands w/ fewer species, species occur in higher abundance and live in more habitats (broader realized niche) DIVERSITY CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IN TERMS OF NICHE RELATIONSHIPS  fundamental niche represents the range of envmtal conditions, habitat structures, and resource qualities w/in which an indiv. or species can survive and reproduce  niche overlap depends on the level of competition b/w species  community has a total niche space w/in which its member species must fit  communities w/ diff. species #’s differ in: total community niche space, niche overlap among species, niche breadth (degree of specialization) of indiv. species  species can be added by increasing niche over
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