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BIO120H © Lis| Page 111 chapter 20: BIODIVERSITY  why do so many org. live in the tropics? 1. diversity increases w/o limit over time  tropics are older, thus had time to accumulate more species  diversity is a matter of history 2. diversity reaches an equilibrium at which the appearance of new species balances the loss of already existing species  factors that add species weigh more heavily (and those that remove species less heavily) in the balance towards the tropics  but variation also occurs w/in latitudinal belts  suggests that a variety of processes influence the # of species somewhere  processes act uniform globe-wide  patterns in diversity that reflect the variations in temp. and precip. w/in a latitudinal belt imply the influence of local processes  geographic factors VARIATION IN THE RELATIVE ABUNDANCE OF SPECIES INFLUENCES CONCEPTS OF BIODIVERSITY  bbiodiversity variation among organisms and ecological systems at all levels, including genetic variation, morphological and functional variation, taxonomic uniqueness, and endemism, as well as variation in ecosystem structure and function  ecologists study most simple and general indices of biodiversity: species richness  measurement of the gravitas (“presence”) of a species depends on the purpose and method of study  rrelative abundance the proportional rep
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