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BIO120H © Lis| Page 211  larger islands are better targets for potential immigrants, and support larger pop.s which may persist longer owing to their genetic diversity LARGE-SCALE PATTERNS OF DIVERSITY REFLECT LATITUDE, ENVIRONMENTAL HETEROGENEITY, AND PRODUCTIVITY  increases from N to S  greater heterogeneity of envmt in Western US provides more suitable consitions for a greater # of species Ecological Heterogeneity and Habitat Productivity  more productive (complex) habitat = more species Solar Energy Input and Precipitation  Brad Hawkins et al.  solar NRG input influences species richness N of 15°  water availability had more influence on species richness in tropics through to SH  temp. relatively uniform in these areas  diff. in envmts mostly manifested through differences in precip.  potential evapotranspiration PETT): the amount of water that could be transpired by plants and evaporated from the soil, given the local temperature and humidity, if water were not limited  describes the input of NRG into a system  energy-diversity hypothesis: there is a causal relationship b/w PET and species richness  more NRG can be shared by more species DIVERSITY HAS BOTH REGIONAL AND LOCAL COMPONENTS  local diversity: a.k.a. alpha diversity; the number of species in a small area of homogeneous habitat 
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