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BIO120H © Lis| Page 111 chapter 16: COMPETITION  closely related plant species living in the same region often grow in diff. habitats or on diff. types of soil  ecological segregation resulted from competition for resources, A.G. Tansley leading to the exclusion of one species (ecological  saxatile lives on acidic, peaty soils segregation  sylvestre lives on alkaline soils of limestone hills and pastures resulted from  planted them singly and together w/ the 2 diff. soils competition)  results:  planted alone  grew and maintained itself on both soils (but bedstraws (genus most vigorous on natural soil type) research study G.  together on calcareous (limestone) soils  sylvestre overgrew saxatile, G. and shaded saxatile sylvestre  together on acidic, peaty soils  saxatile overgrew  thus, species are restricted to the most favourable soil when competing species are present, but can broadly be distributed over other soils in the absence of competition  the presence or absence of a species could be determined by compet. w/ other species  the conditions of the envmt affected the outcome of the compet.  the present ecological segregation of species might have resulted
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