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BIO120H © Lis| Page 311 FAILURE OF SPECIES TO COEXIST IN LABORATORY CULTURES LED TO THE COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION PRINCIPLE  typical experiments to determine effect of one species on pop. growth on another:  2 species grown separately  carrying capacity determined  species were then grown together (interspecific competition)  intensity of competition was the measure of the difference b/w the pop. growth of one species in the presence and absence of the other  competitive exclusion principle: the principle that 2 or more species cannot coexist indefinitely on the same limiting resource  so how much diff. in resource requirement allow for coexistence? THE THEORY OF COMPETITION AND COEXISTENCE IS AN EXTENSION OF LOGISTIC GROWTH MODELS  (p. 334) Coexistence on Multiple Resources  when 2 species compete for 2 limiting resources needed in diff. amounts by each species, certain combinations of resource abundance allow the species to coexist
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