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BIO120H © Li| Page 1011 chapter 17: EVOLUTION OF SPECIES INTERACTIONS  biological factors which have shaped adaptations differ from physical factors:  BF stimulate mutual evolutionary responses in the traits of interacting pop.  ex. predators shape prey’s adaptations for escape which shape their own adaptations for pursuit and capture  but adaptations of animals have no reciprocating effect on the envmt (BF)  they foster diversity of adaptations rather than promoting similarity  org. specialize in response to BF  in response to similar stresses, species converge (evolve similar adaptations)  coevolution: the reciprocal evolution in 2 or more interacting species of adaptations selected by their interaction  adaptations in one pop. promote the evolution of adaptations in the other  ex. when a herbivore evolves a way to detoxify a noxious chemical that has evolved in a plant  hyena’s bone-crushing teeth is NOT coevolution  their prey didn’t evolve to resist being eaten by hyenas  when the evolutionary relationship b/w species is antagonistic, the species can be involved in an evolutionary stuggle to increase their own fitness  may result in an evolutionary stalemate where both antagonists continually evolve in response to each other, but the net ou
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