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BIO120H © Li| Page 3011 COEVOLUTION IN PLANT-PATHOGEN SYSTEM REVEALS GENOTYPE- GENOTYPE INTERACTIONS  responding evolution = genetic variation for traits that influence interactions  plant geneticists develop strains of crops resistant to pathogens  when new strain appears, they select new resistant strains  but new strains of pathogen continue to appear; by migration/mutation  results in continual evolutionary change in the sys. (Mode’s model)  genotype-genotype interactions: variation in the expression and fitness of genotypes in one species depending on the genotypes of another species w/ which it interacts  evolution of most species is driven in part by their interactions w/ their consumers, resources, competitors, and mutualists CONSUMER AND RESOURCE POPULATIONS CAN ACHIEVE AN EVOLUTIONARY STEADY STATE  when does evolution stop?  when a species interacts w/ many others simultaneously, no single virulence or resistance factor is likely to convey a unique advantage over all the others  the ability of virulent pathogens to switch to a more abundant host species (which gives a reduced host pop. a chance to recover) might lead to an equilibrium state of maintained genetic diversity  in strict coevolution, time delays occur b/c each pop. responds to only one other pop. resulting in cyclic changes in gene frequencies  but when multiple consumer an resource pop. affect one another simultaneously, time delays are less imp.  most eco. sys. evolve toward a steady state in whi
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