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BIO120H © Li| Page 2011 Mimicry  Henry Bates  Batesian mimicry: a predator deterrence strategy in which a palatable species (mimic) resembles an unpalatable species (model)  Fritz Müller  Müllerian mimicry: a predator deterrence strategy in which several unpalatable species adopt a single pattern of warning colouration  predators learn to avoid these more efficiently b/c a bad experience w/ one species confers protection on all other members of the mimicry complex ANTAGONISTS EVOLVE IN RESPONSE TO EACH OTHER  Charles Mode coined the term coevolution - modeling  concerned w/ the relationship b/w crops and their fungal pathogens (esp. rusts)  developed a model of continual evolution of a pathogen and its host in response to evolutionary changes in each other  assumed pathogen virulence and host resistance was each controlled by a dominant gene (V, R) – both costly to org.  fitness dependant on genotype of the other  thus, frequencies of virulence and resistance genes should tend to oscillate over time  cycle: r (host)  V (pathogen)  R (host)  v (pathogen)  r (host) …  when host is susceptible (rr), selection favours virulent pathogens (VV, Vv) o virulent pathogens, selection favours host resistance (RR, Rr)  when host is resistant, selection favours avirulent pathogens (vv) o avirulent pathogens, selection favours susceptible hosts (rr)  Paul Ehrlich and PPeter Raven– observed patterns  noticed that closely related groups o
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