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BIO120H © Lis| Page 211 The Continuum Concept and Gradient Analysis  continuum: a gradient of envmtal characteristics or of change in the composition of communities  gradient analysis: the plotting and interpretation of the abundance of species along an gradient analysis envmtal gradient  gradient: ex. moisture, temp., salinity, exposure, light level  Robert Whittaker  puts to rest Clements’ view of extreme closed communities  Whittaker found that dominant trees in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee have distinct but partially overlapping ecological distributions on a gradient MEASURES OF COMMUNITY STRUCTURE INCLUDE NUMBERS OF SPECIES AND TROPHIC LEVELS  species richness: a simple count of the number of species in an area  more species live in tropical regions than temperate and boreal  one way to partition species is according to their feeding relationships  trophic levels: a position in a food web, determined by the number of energy transfer steps from primary producers to that level  autotrophic: an organism that assimilates energy either from sunlight or from inorganic autotrophic compounds  primary producer: a plant or other autotroph that assimila
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