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BIO120HLisa Zhao 2011Page 4competitors influence the exact ways in which efficiency can be increased bc of their effects on resource availability Demonstrating Genetic Variation in Competitive Abilitypop quickly achieved a pattern of stable coexistence2030 D serrata7080 D nebulosain one cage serrata began increasing and attainded 80 by th Francisco Ayala 30 week reversed initial predominance of nebulosa Francisco Ayala thcompetitionexperiment 2 removed indiv after the 30 week and testedthem against stocks that were maintained in singlespecies 2 fruit fly cultures Drosophilacompetitive ability of each species was found to have serrata and D increased after exposure to the other research studynebulosawhen serrata from cage that displayed dominance was tested against unselected stocks of nebulosa they again dominatedadaptation not determined could have been increase in efficiency use of foodof offspring produced or survival at any stage of life cyclesparse pop can evolve the ability to compete against other species more rapidly than dens popadaptations needed to compete well against indiv of the same species conflict w those needed to compete well against other speciessparse pop less in need of adaptations for intraspecific competitionwanted to determine whether species show frequencydependentevolutionary changes in their competitive abilitycan a suffering species evolve increased i
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