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BIO120H © Li| Page 2011  produces a firm layer of vege.  “quaking bog”  detritus produced by sedge mat accumulates at pond bottom (anaerobic, thus no microbial decomposition occurs down there)  as a bog accumulates sediments and detritus, sphagnum moss and shrubs establish along edges  add to development of a soil  black spruce and larch  birch, maple, fir  over thousands of years, aquatic habitat becomes terrestrial as organic detritus accumulates and soil rises above water table Secondary Succession  secondary succession: succession in a habitat that has been disturbed, but in which some aspects of the community remain  even when reseeding initiates a secondary sere, the type of disturbance and size of gap it creates influences the first species to establish  disturbance and recovery occur quickly in marine habitats  marine invertebrates have inversely related colonizing and competitive abilities  created bare patches  on rock occupied by sessile invertebrates and;  filled in quickly by tunicates and sponges (highly successful competitors)  gap size didn’t influence succession  bryozoans and polychaete larvae attempted to colonize but were overgrown  on artificial hard surfaces, ex. ceramic tiles, placed in sand
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