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BIO120H © Lis| Page 411  assembled communities of producers (algae), detritivores (bacteria), consumers of algae and bacteria (protzoans), omnivorous predators (rotifers) in bottles  communities differed in diversity and nutrient levels  simulated mortality by removing 90% from some microcosms in each treatment group Chris Steiner et  measured how rapidly the total biomass of those communities al. returned to levels of undisturbed (how fast can a  high nutrient supply – resilience differed little b/w diff. diversity community sys. communities return to its  low productivity – resilience +vely related to # of species in the original state community after  resilience depended on: ecologists in the field  the rapid reproductive rates of algae (provide abundant food source to rebuild pop. at higher trophic levels)  greater resilience in more diverse might not reflect species diversity  by chance include one or more species that can maintain rapid growth under low-nutrient conditions  ways community stability is influenced by species diversity:  more complex food web increase stability – predators have alternate prey  depend less on fluctuations of particular prey species  NRG takes
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