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BIO120H © Li| Page 3011 The Climax Community  succession leads to the climax community (ultimate expression of community dvlpmt)  each sere develop under a particular set of envmtal conditions, but all progress toward similar climax states  Clements believed that climate alone determined the nature of the local climax and that diff. climax states were discrete, recognizable, and separate from one another (closed community)  communities are more commonly viewed as open sys. today  alternative “climax” communities are possible, resulting from factors ex. intensity of a disturbance, size of the gap it produces, physical conditions during early succession  continuum index: the scale of an environmental gradient based on changes in physical characteristics or community composition along that gradient SUCCESSION ENSUES AS COLONISTS ALTER ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS  a species’ presence in a sere is determined by: 1. how it readily invades a newly formed/ disturbed habitat 2. how it responds to changes that occur in the envmt over the course of succession  those that disperse and grow rapidly dominate the early stages of a sere  they sometimes modify envmts that allow later-stage species to become established o ex. herbs shad soil to help it retain moisture  others inhibit others into a sere by competing more effectively or by direct interfrnc.  Joseph Connell and R.R. O. Slatyerlassified the processes governing the course of succession into 3 categories: facilitation, inhibition, tolerance  descri
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