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BIO120H © Lis| Page 411 ASYMMETRIC COMPETITION CAN OCCUR WHEN DIFFERENT FACTORS LIMIT THE POPULATIONS OF COMPETITORS  asymmetric competition: a competitive relationship b/w 2 species in which each has an adv. w/ respect to diff. limiting factors in the envmt  ex. one may exploit more resources, other better at tolerating stressful conditions or avoiding consumers  barnacles are sessile, form dense continuous pop. on rocky shores, feed on plankton filtered from water  food isn’t a limiting resource b/c feeding can’t reduce the vast Joseph Connell # of plankton (asymmetric  they are limited by space for settling and growth competition)  Chthalamus are at higher regions of intertidal zone than Balanus  he demonstrated that adult C are restricted to upper regions b/c barnacles of interspecific competition (not limited by tolerance) Chthalamus  removed B from rock  C thrived in lower regions research studys and  these species compete for space Balanus balanoids  B have heavier shells and grow faster than C  their shells edge under C’s shells and pry them off the rock  C more resistant to desiccation than B  B don’t invade upper regions even when there is no C  win each region of the intertidal zone, one of the barnacle species is the superior competitor  the superior competitor for resources
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