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Essay: B class average Every few years, people have a different relationship with new media... New Media: Social Media P53. Middle of page. Empowering nature of being digital... identifying cyberspace... 4: Decentralizing, globalizing... kinda religious enthusiasm of what it can do P54. 2nd line, Gore: neo luddite view of tech...? the excess hype is too much from text: time and space, body and object, human and machine? Old and traditional media however is still... (new tech transforms things) Blogging - like everyone's own columns by putting old media tradition to new media, first form of social media, very rare before, then popular, but now starting to decline because too much info now e.g. twitter is fast and short still everyone can get their opinion out there Trying to turn something into something bigger than it is, not quite in the right form, until Twitter, tumblr came along... Old media: one to many, at most, get back some letters Network: comes from a more physical meaning of ropes or wires going back and forth, creating physical ties? To others? Not always obvious of the potential of new media? E.g. telegraph and telephone. Telegraph: one to one, changing people's lives individually. Wasn't mass media at all, it's mass media potential was recognized. But some
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