Lecture on Giddens & Foucault articles

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University of Toronto St. George
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Lisa Byers

th Memo 1: due at the latest February 9 2011 Memo = course readings meets current issuemedia representation in the media Memo 1: Apply a theory of sexuality to an issue you.. Heard (e.g radio) Saw (e.g Internet, billboard etc.) Read (e.g. magazine, internet etc.) A memo is not a summary of readings or films Critical Analysis Demonstrate general understanding of material E.g: what does the writer mean when she uses specific terms? What is the writers theoretical perspective? Your application of ideas and theories E.g: what examples does the writer use to illustrate herhis ideas andor theory? Critical Analysis: combination of understanding the authors main points (theory) How does this theory of sexuality helps us better understand your topic from the media? What does the theory not account for? What does the theory explain very well? Structure, Agency and Discourse: Theorizing Sexualities through Foucault and Giddens Foucault is really examining POWER (sexuality is just one example of this) Power works through individuals, discourse Discourse has power in it Foucault: youre not born gay, looked at prison systems, and mental health www.notesolution.com
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