Lecture on Lorber's Articles

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January 19th 2011
Lorber Believing is Seeing: Biology is Ideology
Lorber Beyond the Binaries Depolarizing the Categories of sex, sexuality and
Ways individuals internalize that there are two sexes and two genders,
Definitions of Conventional Binary Categories
Sex: biological and physiological categorizationfemale or male p 146
Gender: social categorization, a woman is assumed to be feminine female, a man is
assumed to be masculine male p.144, a social status vs. biological category sex p 146
Sexuality: includes desire, sexual preference, sexual orientation p 146
Binaries are understood as normal or natural, built on two sexes female and male,
gender: women or man; feminine or masculine, sexuality: homosexual or
heterosexual. These binaries never change are fixed and an individual fits in one
Examples in article how binaries are not pure categories
Deconstructing Sex:
Not a pure category—male or female
E.g.: ambiguous sex at birthmedical field, Lorber says this is for bureaucratic
necessity, need to know what the gender is
E.G. Procreative processes, menstruation, gestation, lactation markers of biological
sexes, Lorber says there are exceptions. Some men dont produce sperm, and some
women dont menstruate
E.G. Sport and technology sex and gender categorizations, Officials do not want
men to compete in female competitions, tests that gives info about athletes
chromosomes and genitals. Problems with both these tests because neither ones
gentile or chromosomes tell us ones gender
Because of biological differences, women are weaker than men and men are more
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