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Study Notes for possible Comparisons between Surrealism, Dada, Abstract Expressionism and Les Automatistes

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Lisa Steele
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Test 2: Comparisons of Movements from Lectures 5-6
Surrealism VS Dada
Common enemy bourgeoisie
oBoth attacked traditional forms of art
Similar contexts: resolution of WW1
oArtists questioning servility
oEconomic disaster
oTotalitarian regimes: Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler
oSigmund Freuds theory
Dada was anarchistic; Surrealism had theories and principles (therefore it wasnt
Dada the only personal intervention required was the choice of the artist; emotions
were not needed to create
oSurrealism aimed to express art absent of all control; important concepts of
automatism and dreams rather than the artists choice; passivity of the artist
rather than choice
oHowever, Dada also expressed this ‘loss of control by the use of chance, ready-
mades, etc
Surrealism images formed without conscious intent
oDada images intended to be satirical; present contradictory images together in
oSurrealism presented contradictory images together for the aim of their
Surrealism based on hope
oDada anti-everything
Surrealism fascinated with the unconscious and automatism
Ex. Frottage, Decalcomania, Exquisite Corpse
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