VIC101H1 Study Guide - Frank Lloyd Wright, Classical Architecture, Robie House

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Bauhaus was simple due to affordability and functionality because of the poor. Inspired by the german bauhaus style, though conceptually very different. condition of german economy, and america on the other hand had wealth to show off. Due to america"s booming economy after world war 1. Style signified by no ornamentation, advocating purity and simplicity, using very expensive material, steel skeletons, allowing free planning and more spatial use. Inspired due to the post war economic condition of the collapsing german economy. Gropius was appointed to head a new institution to help rebuild the country and forma social order again from the ruins of world war 1. Used principles of classical architecture in the purest forms. Limited to basic colors- grey, black, beige shades. Open floor space, functional, flat roofs, cubic shapes. American influenced and reflected the history of american architecture. First to use steel structures and built skyscrapers.

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