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Lisa Steele

Lecture 1: Architecture Styles (AVANT-GARDE) International Modern Style Architecture - American, post world war one - Inspired by the German Bauhaus Style, though conceptually very different. - Bauhaus was simple due to affordability and functionality because of the poor condition of German economy, and America on the other hand had wealth to show off. PORTRAY CAPITALIST IDEOLOGIES. - Due to America’s booming economy after world war 1 - Style signified by no ornamentation, advocating purity and simplicity, using very expensive material, steel skeletons, allowing free planning and more spatial use. - Int. Modern Architect: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Bauhaus Style Architecture - German movement- post world war 1 - Inspired due to the post war economic condition of the collapsing German economy - Gropius was appointed to head a new institution to help rebuild the country and forma social order again from the ruins of world war 1. - Calling for rational housing - Rejected bourgeois details
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