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Vic162 Study Notes RAYMOND CARVER ▯ - was a major alcoholic ▯ - never wrote when he was drinking ▯ - lower-class, blue collar man ▯ - he married young and was a terrible father ▯ - he wrote about the "scum of society" - the sort of people we usually try to ignore. Reading his stories is like looking into a dirty aquarium ▯ - he stopped drinking and took up smoking, but died of lung cancer ▯ - his prose is lean and fat-free, and doesn't draw attention to itself WHY DON'T YOU DANCE?, Raymond Carver ▯ - characters = girl, boy, and man ▯ - girl is a romantic ▯ - boy isn't as committed to the relationship ▯ - girl feels special connection with man but denies it ▯ - later tries to "talk it out," but she can't, and then she stops trying TELL THE WOMEN WE'RE GOING, Raymond Carver ▯ - characters = Bill, Jerry, Carol, Linda, girls ▯ - Bill and Jerry are best mates, and both do everything the same/together ▯ - Jerry marries and starts a family very young, dissatisfied with life - old before his time ▯ - they go out to pick up some girls and Jerry ends up killing them ▯ - Bill is the sub-dominate partner in their relationship, but he is having a better time ▯ - the murder = release of anger towards women for Jerry EVERYTHING STUCK TO HIM, Raymond Carver ▯ - characters = woman (baby), man (boy), girl ▯ - the man tells a story about a boy and a girl with a young baby ▯ - the boy is going out hunting but the baby gets sick. He doesn't want to cancel. The boy and girl fight ▯ - the boy decides to stay and they make up ▯ - in the end you realize that it didn't work out ▯ - can relationships ever truly last? ▯ - when things change, they can't go back to the way they were - scar tissue accumulates when people hurt each other ▯ WOODYALLEN'S CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS ▯ - characters = Judah, Cliff, Halley, Lester, Miriam, Dolores ▯ - JUDAH: he is a successful eye doctor having an affair with Dolores. She threatens to tell his wife Miriam and reveal his role in ethically questionable financial deals if he doesn't end his marriage. Judah asks his brother Jack for help, and Jack gets Dolores killed. Judah feels guilty at first but later gets over it ▯ - CLIFF: he is a filmmaker working for his brother-in-law, Lester, making a documentary. Cliff hates Lester and falls for his assistant, Halley. Halley tells Cliff that she is not ready for romance, but a few months later returns from a trip to London and is engaged to Lester. ▯ - existential themes ▯ - is there a god? ▯ - we discover morality as it relates to us ▯ - we can choose to either die in the face of no meaning or create our own ▯ - morality is up to us - Judah chooses to let himself be forgiven ▯ ANTON CHEKHOV ▯ - he is the coolest guy in literature (and Tolstoy is the King) ▯ - a lady's man ▯ - he wrote 500 short stories and 4 major plays before his death ▯ - his family left him at 15 and he became a doctor ▯ - he supported the entire family in Moscow through short stories ▯ - he wrote with total objectivity, and wanted to create truthful descriptions of people and objects ▯ - extreme brevity, audacity and originality, compassion ATRIFLE FROM LIFE, Anton Chekhov ▯ - characters = Belyaev, Olga, Alyosha ▯ - Alyosha tells Belyaev, in confidence, that he has been seeing his father in secret ▯ - the father thinks that Belyaev has ruined the lives of Olga and her children ▯ - Belyaev is extremely offended and breaks his promise to Alyosha ▯ - themes of betrayal, growing up, and contrast ▯ - appearance vs. personality ▯ - important matters s
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