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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies

WGS – Lec. 3 1. Context-stripping – Involves biological move of suggesting that context (upper circle in h/o) is irrelevant, and what’s left is what’s important in biology (bottom pyramid) ex) Beck’s episode, emphasis on Beck’s have testes in her body but we know nothing about her context except for the fact she is in an a Seattle hospital. Various ways of figuring out if perspective is decontextualizing: Authors talk simply about males and females, context is gone. Universal claims. 2. Bio-Reductionism – similar to context stripping. Reductionism defining feature its attempt to explain...in terms of units that make up that system (from reading good gene’s/bad gene’s) Reduces us strictly to biology, takes away things like culture, social, environmental and all other contexts. 3. Bio-Determinism – Some things are determined by biology. If x determines y, y must occur if x is present. Carries with it absolute inevitability, it has to happen. Ex) girls are inferior due to their inferior skeleton structure 4. Uni-Directional Causal Thinking – have claims that are not deterministic where this is uni- directional causal relationship. Means there is some action/connection between x as y. Such that x is seen to cause y. Not inevitable, it is possible to change outcome. a. Immediate u
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