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Women and Gender Studies

WGS205-October10,2013 Lecture#5-PostFeminismandPopularCulture Whatisfeminism(S)? • A doctrine advocating for women’s equal rights • A movement advocating equality for women and men in class aspects of left (Social, political, familial, religious, etc) • A social theory or political movement that supports the equality for all people in all aspects of private and social life • suggests that legal and social barriers... BriefHer-Story..theWavesofFeminism • FirstWave:19thandearly20thcentury • White middle-upper class women were a part of this. They were looking to vote for themselves • Focus on women’s suffrage (the right to vote) SecondWave;1960’s-1970 • • Deals with wide rage of personal and political right; reproductive rights, sexuality, marriage rights, pornography, continues to look at legal rights. • personal is political sisterhood is universal • • ThirdWave1980’s-now? • focus on diversity and transnationalism • focus on individual empowerment PostFeminism-Whatdoesitmeantoyou?whatisit? • Backlash against the politics of second wave feminism- through Mcrobbie problematizes this. • Contentious because it implies that we have “moved beyond” feminism or that feminism has “reached its goals” • Argue that Women’s liberation movements of the 1960’s and 70’s are a source of women’s contemporary problems Mcrobbie:PostFeminism • processes by which the feminist gains of the 1970’s and 80’s are undermined (255). • 1990 marks a “turing point” • shift away from feminist interest in centralized power blocks- e.g., the State, patriarchy, law- to more dispersed sites, events and instances of power. • 1990’s say a fuller expression of “popular feminism” which leads to ideas of “feminist success” • A distancing from feminism” • Possible positive challenge for feminisms’ growth? • Simple denouncing of feminist goals? at first she thought thar distancing from feminism was actually positive • • then her thought changed and then she viewed it as distancing PostFeminism“undoes”offeminismasapoliticalproject •in essence she sees that post feminism undoes feminism as a political project •for her, popular culture it is a very effect way for which feminism is undone •it views the achievements of feminism as socially and culturally obvious •these independent women are not abiding what Mcrobbie sees, they do not see themselves as feminists, they’re not contributing themselves to the feminist powers. they are just enforcing the male domination • ex; sexy and the city ; they always talk about finding mr.big and the most amazing man HowdoesPost-Feminism“Un-do”Feminism? • The ways that popular media presents notions of feminism and female empowerment, but at the same time it ignores or makes fun of it • Tropes of freedom and choice • Self-management and the creation of a “new female subject” • order to count as modern and sophisticated
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