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Study Guides for Women and Gender Studies at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

UTSGWGS160Y1Jude LarkinFall

WGS160Y1 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Canada, Feminism, Heteronormativity

OC222729143 Page
Outline: historicizing the nuclear family, gender division of labour, approaches to the household, queering social reproduction, counting unwaged worke
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UTSGWGS260H1Sonny DhootWinter

WGS260H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 26 pages long!)

OC112611226 Page
Think outside of the confines of the nation-state. Process of migrations in the context of the nation-state. Anything that disrupts the idea of the nat
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UTSGWGS385H1Leila PourtavafFall

[WGS385H1] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 26 pages long Study Guide!

OC32408326 Page
Ma rxis t fe m in is t re s tru c tu rin g o f th e fe m in is m p ro je c t. Specific ways in which capitalism oppresses women. Distinction between pu
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UTSGWGS160Y1Jude LarkinFall

WGS160Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sex Verification In Sports, White Supremacy, Craniometry

OC22272913 Page
A state is the political and bureaucratic institution, practices and policies that govern a given territory and population. Rescuing the women was mani
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UTSGWGS160Y1June LarkinSpring

WGS160Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Trans Man, Hypermasculinity, Intersectionality

OC8971631 Page
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UTSGWGS160Y1June LarkinSpring

WGS160Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Emotional Labor, Paradigm Shift, Intersex

OC8971633 Page
1. verma demerson was arrested under the 1897 ontario female refuges act for being incorrigible a person or habit that cannot be corrected, improved or
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UTSGWGS160Y1Sarah TrimbleFall

WGS271H1 Final: Part B and C pdf

OC32408313 Page
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UTSGWGS160Y1Doug ThomsonWinter

WGS160Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cynthia Enloe, Arlie Russell Hochschild, White Supremacy

OC2327267 Page
This so called nervous condition resembles discussions held on bodily. The condition of the native is a nervous condition introduced and maintained by
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UTSGWGS160Y1Michelle MurrphyWinter

exam readings.docx compilation .docx

OC702357 Page
Monday september 17: environmental justice and environmental racism: Warren county, north carolina a small community where the community activists prov
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UTSGWGS160Y1D.Alissa TrotzWinter

Key Terms Usefull for the Final

OC78705 Page
Social movement that aims to establish equality among the sexes in economics, politics, and society. Where heterosexual couples are favoured thus discr
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UTSGWGS160Y1June LarkinFall

Notes from the entire year in .pdf format

OC267469 Page
Assignment due on oct 15: based on two weeks from now"s readings. Heterosexism; when lesbian is used as a derogatory term. Backlash terms tell us about
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UTSGWGS160Y1June LarkinWinter

Militarization and section 2, question 2: final exam!

OC76121 Page
According to cynthia enloe, militarization can be defined as, a step-by-step process by which a person or a thing gradually comes to be controlled by t
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