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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

1. Introduction to Criminal Justice R. v. Larsonneur (1993)- appeal dismissed Frey v. Fedoruk (1950), -appeal allowed -found in UK after passport expired, she was -Frey was first charged, then court upturned convicted for being where she should not be decision because of no law and freedom breach Fain v. Commonwealth (1879) appeal allowed R. v. Sedley(1663- appeal allowed -he was asleep in a hotel with a gun, shot guard, -cannot be convicted of an offence at common law no laws claiming he cannot sleep with a weapon, 2. Limits of Criminal Justice no punishment R. v. Parks (1992) appeal dismissed R. v. Butler (1992), 70 appeal allowed -distribution of obscenity, decided obscene -found not guilty for stabbing in-laws on materials were harmful to Canadian society automatism R. v. Rabey (1977) appeal allowed despite s.2 breach R. v. Tremblay (1993) appeal allowed -found to have reacted internally, not externally, -bawdy house with peephole, tolerated by and thus was affected by disease of mind and is community not guilty R. v. Stone [1999] appeal dismissed R. v. Heywood [1994] appeal allowed -laws were overbroad, banned from all parks -stabbed wife 47 times in whoosh, trigger was not R. v. C.M. [1995)- appeal dismissed strong enough to push him into automatism, guilty of murder -charge removed, of no force and effect because there is no reason to protect teens, and 5. Omissions and Causation discriminates gays People v. Beardsley (1907) appeal allowed 3. Essential Elements -injected his friend, was not responsible by legal Hutt v. R. (1978) -appeal allowed duty to protect her, not guilty of manslaughter -police communicating for prostitution, he did so R. v. Thornton [1991] appeal dismissed whilst enforcing provisions of the code -donated HIV blood, claimed no offence by law occurred, no lives were endangered, no mens rea, R. v. Sloan (1994) appeal allowed -dro
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