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Week 13April0113 535 PM FederalProvincial Differences Week 10Cont Provincial Corrections pretrial detention and sentences less than two years Federal Corrections sentenced of 2 years or more 2005 Rate of Incarceration Provincial 79 per 100000 Federal 49 per 10000 Total 129 per 100000Prison Security LevelWhat factors determine the prison security level that an inmate will be assigned to min medium max Acts as a reward system if you behave well you can go down ranks of security 1types of offences 2 Escape risk 3 Threat to Correctional Staff 4 Threat to other Inmates 5 Threat to Prison Order 6 Threats to the inmates Own safety ex Case of Ashley Smith committed suicide Week 13 Current Issues in Canadian Corrections US has highest incarceration RatesCanada has a moderate incarceration RatesInternational Trends Approx 98 mill people are currently incarcerated throughout the globe Over half incarcerated in 3 countries The US China and Russia 60 percent of all nations have rates below 150100 000 Many of the lowest rates of imprisonments are found in small countries India and Nigeria are 2 exceptions to this trend Prison populations grew in many parts of the world in the 1990s Although there is a trend towards prison growth there has been decreases in the prison population in almost 13 of countries where movements have been monitored Problem different systems dont always focus on incarceration rates like Canada and US do Explanations for US Prison Growth Political influences increases in each presidential electionpromise tough on crimelonger sentencing resulting in exploitations of prison growth during election times Felon Disenfranchisement when you are convicted of a felony you can never vote againreason for this is to eliminate minority vote Media public opinion Fear of Crime Budget and Resources economy has changed to servicesmall communities now want prisons in todays society1 to create jobs 2 influences transfer paymentsinmate is accounted for your local populationSpecial Interest and Advocacy Groups 3 strikes you are out legalisation in Cali Economic Motives Privatization idea that if you have an economic motive in an industry will push for incarnationbecause money is to be madeRadicalized Fears dividing rich from poor worries about riots murder have confirmed increase in incraration the people with the most fears want increase in imprisonment then liberalsMedia Influences
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