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Woodsworth College Courses
Scot Wortley

Week Seven Lecture Prison Social StructureSubculture system of beliefsvalues that exist in specific group part of wider societyProfessional ethnic criminalEndless breakdown in smaller subculturesSets of informal rules but does not mean these people dont share larger common valuesHard to conduct studies with current prison system interviews now conducted retrospectively The Inmate Code set of rules in prison subculture can either separate or divide inmatesMind your own business do your own timeShow respect strength courage dont ask dont tellInmate roles identified Squarejohn not previously involved in crime right guy was involved wolf sexual predator rat snitch peddler sells contraband tough prey on othersMany financial transactions occur from the outside peddlers make more money in prison due to the upgraded valueSubculturesWhyNature of human behaviour natural formation of groupsDeprivation model prison subculture exists because of the pains of imprisonmentNature of prisons themselves has produced unique human responseLoss of liberty security heterosexual relations problems in womens prisonscoercion by guards little access to goodsfamilyAcclimation cannot adapt outside of prison systemEvidence inmate innovation weapons alcohol underground economy hetero vs homosexuality not sexual but form of dominance substance abuse like soldiers gang formation protectiondominate economy institutional differencesWheeler effect new inmates had conventional values however adherence to values of inmate code developed overtime as a form of survival nearing end of sentence conventional values resumed Importation model values are imported from the streetsDifferent types of inmates with different backgrounds held different valuesHow you adapt is based on who you were outside of prison if prison system created code then all inmate behaviour would be uniformEvidence previous criminal history patterns personality traits continuing into prison gender differences less female violence more verbal bullying male hierarchy age differences parallel to values of wider societyWhat happens on the inside influences what happens on the outsideNeed for integration must acknowledge influence of prison system in combination with individual traitsBenefits reason for subculture is because it serves purposesSurvival eases the pain and reduces mental health issues
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