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University of Toronto St. George
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Michael Reid

FINAL EXAM POOL There are four questions in this pool. We will choose two of them for the final exam. The third question will be an ‘unseen’ question. Question 1 The current CEO at Tuk Energy Ltd. believes that there is too little leadership talent in the organization. This is troublesome for the executive because over the next few years the company will require leaders who can bring about significant changes to the corporate culture and philosophy of doing business at Tuk. To address this challenge, Tuk's CEO wants to introduce a major leadership development program. This program would include hiring people with leadership capabilities and providing leadership development opportunities for those currently employed. The consulting firm that the CEO hired suggested a new service that they provide. It is a special service whereby it is able to determine the Tuk Energry’s dominant culture and some of its subcultures. The consulting firm says that it does this by statistically analyzing the words and phrases in the company's annual reports, news releases and public speeches by the company's senior executives. The consultancy claims that this is an effective way of identifying the organization's culture because it does not collect any information inside the organization and, consequently, doesn't take time from any employees. Provide some advice to the consultancy firm. 1. Describe two leadership perspectives (just choose 2, more than what the theory is; hint: depend on the situation) and specific models that would provide the best fit for Tuk's objectives and justify your decision. (16 marks) 2. Discuss the limitations of the consultancy's ability to determine an organization's culture. (6 marks) 3. In class you created a culture collage on your own college at the University of Toronto. Briefly describe this exercise, and what you learned from it. Now imagine that you’re a consultant for Tuk. How might this exercise be incorporated into your consultancy work? What outcomes would you expect? (8 marks) Question 2 NewTel is a telephone company with a policy of filling positions through promotions rather than hiring from outside. Until recently, the company had a strong engineering focus and tended to promote people into senior executive positions from the engineering areas. Consequently, almost all of the company's 14 senior executives joined the company over 20 years ago in junior engineering positions. There is increasing pressure on NewTel to become more marketing and service oriented, so four people were hired one year ago from consumer products and retail firms to fill new senior executive positions in marketing and service management. The external hires were necessary because employees were not sufficiently qualified. Now there are signs of tension among senior executives, particularly during budget deliberations where there is limited discretionary spending on new corporate activities. The four new hires have been frustrated in their attempts to have the company put more money into marketing and customer services instead of technology investment. 1. Explain 4 reasons why conflict has occurred among senior executives at NewTel. (12 marks) 2. Provide three recommendations for reducing conflict at NewTel (6 marks) 3. The senior executives at NewTel want to develop a number of new teams that are focused on serving particular c
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