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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
Jim Davies

WDW225 Quick Quiz Notes #2 S.7 CCRF: life, liberty and security of the person, must be in accordance with the “principles of fundamental justice” 163(8): definition of obscene: …characteristics. …undue exploitation of sex or of sex….namely, crime, horror, cruelty and violence, shall be deemed to be obscene Test: “community standard of tolerance” 1. explicit sex coupled with violence – always obscene 2. explicit sex without violence, not degrading/dehumanizing – if risk or harm from exposure is substantial 3. explicit sex without violence, not degrading/dehumanizing (children must not be involved) 159 violates s.15 CCRF, discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation 265(1) a person commits a assault when: without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly Consequence/causation is sometimes but not always an essential element of a crime Crime: Actus Reus + Mens Reus Physical Element + Mental Element Criminal Act + Criminal Intent Fault: the state of mind an individual is in when committing the criminal act Physical Element: an act of commission or omission, voluntary, results in consequences, and committed in circumstances defined in the code Actus Reus: Direct or indirect, causation is not required Requires the Crown to prove the absence as part of the actus reus If there is consent there is no actus reus of assault unless the consent was obtained through: 1. Application of force 2. Threats or fear of the application of force 3. Fraud 4. The exercise of authority 26
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