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14 February 2011: 1. Do the Crown Attorney assigned to a particular criminal case and the defence counsel on the same case have equivalent (but obviously opposing) roles in deciding how to approach a particular case? Yes. Both the victim and the offender are individuals regardless, and both deserve to be defended in somewhat equivalent way. Edward Greenspan that everyone has the right to be arbitrarily judged. As a defence counsellor, their job is to defend the person and not judge them and try to get the best verdict for them. Similarly the crown attorney has the same objectives People may have a negative connotation around defending a guilty person, but as Greenspan mentioned, guilty is a legal term, and a defence counsellor has the responsibility to defend the individual until proven guilty. This is similar for a crown attorney,... they support the individual himself. The difference might be the angle at which either side may take to defend their case. A crown will argue the nuisance cause to the victim, while the defence will plead the innocence or lack of guiltiness in the accused. From a different perspective as Greenspan suggested, the accused is himself a victim... but a victim of the machinery of the state, a the defence counsellor protects him from that. 2. Two quite different approaches to the sentencing of offenders might be described as follows: (a) a primary focus on the offence, so that sentences would be (more or less) proportional to the seriousness of the offence, and (b)
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