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Study Guides for Astronomy at University of Victoria (UVIC)

UVICASTR 101Margaret L.GwynSpring

[ASTR 101] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 41 pages long Study Guide!

OC116277641 Page
Constellations appear different, depending on where you are in the world. Some of the stars" we see in the sky are actually planets. Way of thinking wh
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UVICASTR 101Travis MartinWinter

ASTR 101 Final: Astronomy Final notes

OC26421396 Page
Repeatability: experiment must be repeatable so anyone can verify it. Every multiple of 5 is a factor of 100x brighter/dimmer. Luminosity: energy outpu
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UVICASTR 102stevemairsFall

ASTR 102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Red-Giant Branch, Electron Degeneracy Pressure, Inverse-Square Law

OC156045231 Page
It"s pretty pricey to send physical matter into space, but light hits earth for free and travels. Sooo fast, so we can use that. (3. 0x10^8 m/s) sun to
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