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BIOL 150B Final: Bio Final Review

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John Nelson

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Modern Biology: 150B A02 Tue, Wed, Fri 1:30PM 2:20PM Engineering and Computer Science Building Room 125 Dr. John Nelson Tuesday April 4th Final 9:00 am Saturday morning Half on everything from midterm 2 half from everything after 65 questions 3 hours Themes in biology First section, What are the 7 main common properties and processes for life? All cells regulate what they can allow to pass through their membrane. All cells have DNA. DNA is made of various arrangements of 4 nucleotides. A very weak type of hypothesis is known as falsifiable. Organic carbons include the most important compound carbon. Functional groups are important to know! There are 4 classes of biological molecules. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Nucleic acids and Lipids. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Nucleic acids are also considered macromolecules. There are only 20 monomers in proteins, however that is more than actual DNA. Proteins are the Jack of all trades R groups are the backbone of a protein Most lipids are hydrophobic, except for a few. Redox reactions are when something is oxidized and something is taken away. THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW. Glycolysis is the universal pathway, that aids in producing ATP, and is neat because it does not need oxygen to function. Biosynthesis IS VERY IMPORTANT as well. Light dependant reactions and the calvin cycle are key to know. Cell division has two broad types. Asexual and sperm and egg production. Cell division produces gametes = Meiosis
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