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BIOL 459 Midterm: BIOL 459 Vaccines

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BIOL 459
Roy Real

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Final Study Notes: Topic 7- Vaccines Define: Variolation Inoculation of smallpox into Skin Jenner inoculated cowpox to prevent smallpox vacca= cow Vaccine Suspension/fractions of organisms that induce immunity Effects of Vaccination Provokes a primary immune response Leads to formation of antibodies/ memory cells Produces rapid secondary response What is herd immunity? Immunity in most of the popn Outbreaks are sporadic due to lack of susceptible individuals Immunizing the majority of those that can will help protect those that cannot get vaccines Types of Vaccines Live attenuated vaccines Weakened pathogen; closely mimics actual infection Contributes to lifelong cellular/humoral immunity Inactivated killed vaccines Safer than live! Requires repeated boosters Induce mostly humoral immunity Subunit vaccines Antigenic fragments stimulate immune response Recombinant Virus-like particles (do not contain viral DNA) Toxoids Antitoxins Conjugated vaccines Used for children w/ poor immune response Nucleic Acid (DNA) vaccines Injected naked DNA produces
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