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BIOL 459 Midterm: Basic Concepts of Epidemiology

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BIOL 459
Roy Real

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Basic Concepts of Epidemiology Starting from slide 32 What are healthcare-associated They are acquired while receiving infections? treatment in a health-care facility Known as nosocomial infections 1 in 25 ppl affected How do you get HAIs? 1. Microorganisms in environment 2. Weakened state of host Comprised host: individual who is not resistant to infection b/c of disease, therapy, burns etc. 3. Chain of transmission in hospital What are emerging infectious diseases? New, increasing in incidence, show a potential increase in near future, or re-emerging. Most zoonotic, viral, and likely vector-born (transmitted by insect/tick bite) What are contributing factors in emerging Genetic recombination avian flu diseases? Evolution of new strain V. cholerae Use of antibiotics/ pesticides leads to antibiotic resistant strains Changes in weather Hantavirus: associated w/ rodents in the States Modern transportation West Nile Virus in NY Ecological disasters, war, development Coccidioidomycosis (fungal infection) due to Earthquakes Animals Lyme Disease Public Health Failure Diphtheria Important people in Epidemiology John Snow (1848-1849) identified reservoir of cholera in London Ignaz Semmelweis (1846-1848)
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