CHEM 231 Final: chiral_center_priority_rules

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Priority rules for naming chiral centers - the r,s system. Prioritize the four atoms, or groups of atoms, attached to the chiral center based on the atomic number of the atom that is bonded directly to the chiral center. The higher the atomic number, the higher the priority. Number the four atoms, or groups of atoms, such that 1 has the highest priority and. If two or more of the atoms that are bonded directly to the chiral center are the same, then prioritize these groups based on the next set of atoms (i. e. , atoms adjacent to the directly- bonded atoms). Priority is assigned at the first point of difference. atomic numbers. If two atoms have substituents of the same priority, higher priority is assigned to the atom with more of these substituents. A larger group (i. e. , more atoms) may not necessarily have a higher priority over another (smaller) group.

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