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ENGL 260 Final: Final Review 2

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ENGL 260
Boyarin Shamma

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 Genesis: o God created the world through speech o The repetitive/parallel structure reinforces the idea of the order that God is creating o Themes:  Alienation from the land/nature  Banishment from Eden  Cain’s punishment  Flood  Fragmentation of human relationships  Cain and Abel  Noah and his sons  Adam’s deflection of blame to Eve  Growing distance from God  Adam and Eve disappoint him  Joseph Story: o God was inactive in this story o In Genesis, there is a consistent trend of fathers not being aware of family issues  Elements shared by many biblical stories o Characters exhibit human qualities  Greed, love, jealousy, etc.  Joseph is an anomaly o Excludes unimportant details o Sidetracks are often hooks to what will happen later o Numbers are significant  Old Testament Poetry o Parallelism is prominent o When there are three units, it either escalates or deescalates o Uses metaphors and similes o Short sentences promote a sense of immediacy o Poetic discourse:  Using poetic form to suggest importance  New Testament Poetry o Much more diverse o Interacts with prose sections o Has a less concrete texture than the surrounding narrative  Proverbs o Short pithy statements that contain advice o The book of proverbs is a book of instruction o It is part of the poetical and wisdom books o Some pertain to divine relations, and others to earthly problems o Proverbs in the New Testament and repeated from the Old Testament  Parables o Short stories with a message o The few moments of fiction from the bible’
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