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ENGL 260 Midterm: Miderm #1 Review

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ENGL 260
Boyarin Shamma

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English 260 – Midterm Study Guide  The bible is important because it has shaped English literature through the creation of new phrases, as well as through the introduction of a common source of reference  The bible as a whole forms a grand epic  Here are two versions of the bible, Christian and Jewish; the Christian version is more important for English Literature.  There are two parts of the Christian Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament. o (we generally refer to the OT as such rather than as the Jewish bible (Tanakh) because it is a polemical name)  Old testament: o A collection of Jewish scripture o Aka Hebrew bible (which is a less critical term) o Was originally written in Hebrew o It was adopted by Christianity from Judaism o Parts of the Old Testament:  Pentateuch (first 5 books)  Historical books  Poetical and Wisdom books  Prophetic books  Apocrypha: o A section found in between the Old and New testament in some versions of the bible o It was removed from the OT during the reformation after comparison with the Jewish bible, because protestants didn’t recognize it a scripture o It remained in the Catholic Old Testament  New Testament: o Describes the life of Jesus, and right after his death o Parts of the New Testament:  Four Gospels  Acts (of the Apostles)  21 Epistles (letters)  Revelation Jewish Bible Old Testament Has a 3 part division Has a 4 part division: 1. Covenant is established (b/w 1. Pentateuch Abraham’s family, and God) 2. Historical books 2. Covenant is broken (leads to exile) 3. Poetical and wisdom books 3. Covenant is restored (return to 4. Prophetic books Jerusalem) History of the Bible in English:  The Vulgate: o Translated from Hebrew and Greek to Latin o Canonical version in the Catholic church  Wycliffe o The first English versions o Translated from the vulgate (Latin)  Tyndale o Greek to English o He was burnt at the stake for heresy  Bishop’s bible o Evolved from the Tyndale o Was meant for use in church  Geneva bible o Created by protestants exiled by queen Mary to Geneva o Had anti-monarchy marginal notes o Used in homes while the bishops bible was used in church  Douay-Rheims o Translated from Latin by Catholics exiled in France o Created to uphold the accuracy of the bible o NT was translated in Rheims o OT was translated in Douay  King James Version o Created for two reasons:  Anti-monarchy message was bad for King James  England can’t be united if the church is divided (two versions of the bible)  Which translation represents the word of God? The King James Version  Two factors leading to its formation: o Two protestant bibles: divided church o Antimonarchy Geneva bible undermined the power of the king  Process of its creation: o Used the Bishop’s bible as a base text o Revision, only where fidelity to the truth required o Maintained accepted terms o Minimal marginal notes  Goals of the KJV: o To make the translation as answerable to the truth as possible o Textual accuracy o Theological neutralit
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