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ENGL 260 Final: FInal Review 6

4 Pages
Winter 2015

Course Code
ENGL 260
Boyarin Shamma
Study Guide

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 
 
 
 
 
$ %
& 
' ()*
 +
 ,*
 -.)
 ,*
 /*)*
 *
  %#*
$ 0*%#1*
& *
' 02%#
 *3*.
 42*052
 6*.
 %#7,
 ***
 !)5*
  
$ 7,
& +*08*1*
' *
 *5
 95#5*
 *
 ,#0
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1. Isaac is almost sacrificed 2. Jacob steals the birthright and the blessing 3. Joseph story 4. 400 years in Egypt 5. Song of the Sea 6. Moses explains covenant to Israel 7. Song of Deborah 8. Samson 9. Period of the judges 10. Anarchy 11. Rape of the concubine 12. Vengeance against Benjamin 13. Ruth 14. Corrupt judges 15. Saul 16. David establishes his rule 17. Solomon continues David’s lineage and builds the temple 18. Judah and Ephraim split 19. Isaiah prophesies the restoration of the kingdom of David 20. Judah is conquered by Babylon and the temple is destroyed 21. Ezekiel prophesies the unification of the two kingdoms 22. Obadiah prophesies the punishment of Edom for helping Babylon 23. Daniel sees a vision of the rise of Greece and Rome 24. Judeans return to Jerusalem 25. Malachi prophesies the Elijah will come before the dreadful day of the lord 26. Intertestamental period 27. Greece and Rome 28. Annunciation – Jesus’ birth is announced 29. Jesus is born 30. Jesus teaches with parables 31. New covenant is formed with Jesus as the sacrifice 32. Jesus dies 33. Revelation  Judith: o Could occur during the intertestamental period due to the description of the exile to Babylon and the destruction of the temple o Could occur during the Old Testament due to the discussion of Assyria and Media o There was no Assyrian king with the name of the king in the book o All of the historical events are muddled o The Babylonians wouldn’t have been present at the return to Jerusalem o There was no Median king with the name of the king in the book o The town is only mentioned in Judith o The journey from Nineveh to Cilicia is impossible to do in 3 days o All of this confusion could mean that the book is meant to be read as a vehicle to describe the virtues of the Israelites (Be godly and you cannot be conquered) o The heroes of the book are Achior (an ammonite) and Judith (a woman) both of whom are very unusual biblical heroes o Humour:  Holofernes says that Achior won’t see his face until he wins  Achior sees Holofernes’ head after Judith has cut it off  Jonah o Jonah is atypical because he doesn’t want to be God’s prophet and he runs away from him o His reasoning could be:  Nineveh is the capital of Assyria, so Jonah didn’t want his enemies to be forgiven by God  He didn’t want to risk being a false prophet. The message didn’t mention repentance, it only said that Nineveh would be overthrown in 40 days o This story shows that God cares about all his creations o Humour:  Men throw Jonah into the sea  A fish swallows him  Jonah went to sleep when the storm came  He ran away from an all-knowing God  The city repen
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