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ENGL 260 Final: Final Review 4

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ENGL 260
Boyarin Shamma

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o 
0' !%
1' !
2' %)!
3' !4)
5' !4)
6' !
7' %!
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o In the book of Deuteronomy, the people of Israel make a national covenant with God as a fulfillment to his promise to Abraham o The contract with Abraham includes future generations of his lineage o It also discusses the consequences of not adhering to the covenant o Jerusalem as destroyed because its people did not maintain covenant o It is not set in stone, covenant can be altered and renewed o New covenants are always expansions of the original agreement formed between Abraham and God o The word Testament actually means Covenant  The new testament is entitled as such because it describes the second covenant formed by Jesus who acts as the sacrifice  Jacob and Esau o God likes Jacob even though he cheats Esau out of his birthright and the blessing because it is prophesied that Jacob will rule over his brother  There is a biblical trend of God preferring the younger or weaker brother (ex. Cain and Abel) o Rebecca favours Jacob because God favours him  It is because of Rebecca that Jacob cheats his brother o Isaac prefers Esau because he brings him food o Esau sells his birthright to Jacob in exchange for red lentil soup  This implies that either Esau doesn’t care about leading the family in the future, or that he was exceptionally hungry  He was supposed to receive the blessing anyway, so it didn’t much matter to him  According the bible Esau “despised his birthright” o Everything bad that happens to Jacob is a result of karma getting back at him for lying and cheating o All of their family strife comes from their father being distant from his family despite his religious perfection and ideal relationship with God 1. Jacob tricks Esau and gets the birthright 2. Jacob tricks Abraham and steals the blessing 3. Esau is mad, so Rebecca sends Jacob away to get married 4. Jacob marries Leah and then Rachel 5. Jacob leaves Laban and Rachel steals the idols 6. Jacob returns to his homeland and wrestles with the angel 7. Esau greets Jacob and forgives him o Jacob wrestles the angel as psychological proof that he can face his brother o Esau is renamed Edom, which means “red” in Hebrew 
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