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PSYC 201 Midterm: Psych midterm 2

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PSYC 201
Bub Daniel

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Psych 210: chapter 3 midterm 2 notes 3.1: Helmholtz: recognized that perception requires unconscious inferencing which actively constructs an interpretation Vision that come from the retina is two dimensional and can have countless interpretations for 3d images o Unspecified information: vision that comes from the retina and some something the brain has to cope with **** o Poverty of stimulus: the eye doesnt take in enough light from the object to form a 3d image Brain uses unconscious knowledge is domain specific to the visual cortex Generic view: we assume that the image we are seeing is the generic view (what the object usually looks like) Accidental view: the view of an object that appears different from all other views o Yjunction and arrow junctions: are where two flat surfaces meet, so the visual system can identify that an object has corners The Helmholtz sign theory: an object does not have to be physically seen but can be inferred by the visual system******* o Contrast can be inferred by the visual system (ie: dark circle with light background will appear different then the same dark circle with a darker background) Both language and vision require unconscious inferencing o Sign theory: there id no simple resembl
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