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Louis xiv was the sun king, moved to versailles in 1682 from the louvre: writer of literary fairy tales for the ladies and children of the court. Wrote sophisticated versions of folktales: fairy tales became a fashionable art for fashionable people, published first published versions of cinderella, sleeping beauty, little. Both a collector and author in his own right: little mermaid, little match girl, the snow queen became popular after they were translated into english. Controlled process of reutilization: tales acquire different layers of meaning and reflect something different than they had originally signified. Pagan russia: 839 ce: kingdom of rus founded with capital as kyiv, 988 ce: prince vladimir, ruler of kievan rus, accepts christianity, conception of the world based on the world tree/tree of life, 3 levels: Lower, underworld: three is considered to be a magical, fairytale number three levels in the world.