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Study Guides for Communication, Media and Film at University of Windsor (U OF W)

U WINDSORCMAF 1010Kyle AsquithFall

[Communication, Media and Film 40-101] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (28 pages long)

OC116965028 Page
C omm u n i c a t i o n , m e d i a a n d f i lm 4 0 - 1 0 1. Media work to generate a global cultural consciousness bringing the world together. Commu
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U WINDSORCMAF 1010Kyle AsquithSummer

40-101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Media Imperialism, Edward Snowden, Tim Hortons

OC18164121 Page
Concepts: critical perspective; convergence; shrinking space through time ; social model of communication; space/time bias; culture; public sphere; can
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U WINDSORCMAF 2250Paul BoinFall

40-225 Study Guide - Final Guide: Binyavanga Wainaina, Operation Mockingbird, Gfk Entertainment Charts

OC11696503 Page
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U WINDSORCMAF 1010Kyle AsquithFall

40-101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lastminute.Com

OC11696502 Page
Student evaluation of teaching (set): date: 16/12, cou(cid:396)se (cid:374)u(cid:373)(cid:271)e(cid:396): 02-40-101-01, i(cid:374)st(cid:396)u(cid:272)
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U WINDSORCMAF 3810Dr.AsquithWinter

40-381 Study Guide - Final Guide: Pathetic Fallacy, Capitalist Realism, Sildenafil

OC49005713 Page
Advertising, impressionism and pathetic fallacy: reading advertisements as texts. , advertising and literature. Twitchell reading: high end brands mimi
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U WINDSORCMAF 1010Kyle AsquithFall

40-101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ambassador Auditorium, Cultural Studies, Reality Television

OC11696502 Page
Intro to media and society midterm information. 40 multiple choice questions following the chronology of the course. Some questions may involve applyin
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40-302 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Frankfurt School, Consumerism, Dominate

OC4900574 Page
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U WINDSOR0-275Dr.Michael DarrochWinter

Communication, Media and Film 0-275 Midterm: MIDTERM EXAM QUESTIONS

OC4900578 Page
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U WINDSORCMAF 3810Dr.AsquithWinter

40-381 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Rosser Reeves, William Bernbach, Volkswagen Beetle

OC4900579 Page
Commodity fetishism: with consumers and branded, standardized, pre-packaged goods, we get commodity fetishism. , distancing production from consumption
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