General Arts and Social Sciences 01-110 Final: Review Guide

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General Arts and Social Sciences
Justin A.Langlois

Exam Review Location: CAW Ambassador Auditorium How do we know? • We look at the city (perception) • We talk about the city (language) • We rationalize the city (reason/logic) • We read news about the city (authority; ex. media) • We have gut feelings about the city (emotion/intuition) Tom Lucier • Understanding the city by being active in the community • Be curious and ask questions • Have vision • City renaissance (Detroit) o Right-sizing o Converting empty lots to farmland o Light rail Broken City Lab • Small scale change • Art vs. activism • Collaboration and social practice • Shaping locality o Gentrification  rich people buy cheap places to move the poor out of the place o NIMBYism (Not In My BackYard) o White fight Grant Yocom • Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world • Detroit as a way of thinking about philosophy • Philosophy and Detroit addresses real-world problems • Suspicions of culture o The interplay between the creative individual and their culture o Distrusts empty idealism o Do not overcome human suffering, focus on productive frictions emerging from such suffering Veronika Mogyorody • Place making and the creative economy • New urbanism • 3 types o
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