General Arts and Social Sciences 02-250 Final: 02-250 Statistic Exam Review

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General Arts and Social Sciences

Measures of Central TendenciesMean aka averageMedianPoint in the distribution that divides it into halves Its calculated by arranging all scores in ascending order then taking the total number of scores 12 n12 which gives us the placement of the scoreModeThe mode is the value that appears the most frequently in your bar chart or the tallest bar in the bar chartModal ClassThe modal class is the tallest bar in your histogram class width 100Two modal classesseparate the bars ex PHQ1994 and PHQ2011ComparisonAlways mention whether or not the stats are within the normal range 10oIf they are within the range the they are similar or the sameIf they are different identify which is higher or loweroInterpret these as housing quality being better or worseMeasures of variability or dispersionStandard deviationThe standard deviation tells us how far an individual or a raw score deviates from the mean in the distribution The standard deviations weve seen from our labs tell us the overall standard deviation from the mean in our distributionRangeThe range is the extent to which scores are spread out in a distribution Its calculated by taking the max on the xaxis minus the min on xaxisRange DivisionThe range division is calculated by taking the range maxmin and dividing it by 6ComparisonsIf they are not similar you need to discuss the variability or dispersionLarger standard deviation indicates more variabilityLarger range indicates more variabilitydeviate means further away use variability in answersSkewness and KurtosisSkewnessoWhen a distribution is skewed it departs from symmetryoMost of the cases are concentrated in one areaoIf skewness is between 1 and 1 the distribution is still symmetricaloHowever unless skewness is zero it will be positively or negatively skewed
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