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Psychology 46-322 Final: List of People for Final Exam

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University of Windsor

Child Psychopathology People Chapter 12 • Charcot and Freud o Theories on the nature of hysteria and conversion disorders • Benjamin Spock o Gave advice on toileting and early childhood discipline in the 1940s o “the child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering” • Phaer  father of English pediatrics o Explained early cure to physician o Boke of Children o Avoid fat meat until their virtue is restored again o Use powder derived from trachea of cock, in their meats and drinks • O.H Mowrer and W.M Mowrer o Bell and pad  Large sound when drop of urine close to electrical circuit • Canadian National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) o Odds of developing alcohol dependence decreased by 9% for each year that onset of drinking was delayed • Sandra Scar o Niche-picking  people find environments that are good fits for them • Bloc and Bloc o Abstainer personality  uptight, rigid, emotionally unengaged, overly controlled and tense Chapter 13 • Graber, Brooks-Gunn, Paikoff and Warren o Discovered that about 25% of adolescent girls showed signs of a serious eating problem at each assessments  Earlier pubertal maturation, higher percentage of body fat, concurrent psychological problems, poor body image • William Gull  named anorexia and described it for the first time as a specific disease • Charles Laseque described anorexia from a social and psychological standpoint o Propose a connection between lack of parental affection and preoccupation wit
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