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Psychology 46-335 Final: Final Exam Potential Short Answers

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University of Windsor

Potential Short Answer Questions for the Final Exam All questions are to be answered using complete sentences that are grammatically correct. Your answer must not exceed one page. Your answers need to be organized logically to answer the question within the one page limit. 1. You are making yourself a midnight snack, a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk, when the electricity goes out. Not to be discouraged by the power outage you continue with the task. Describe the haptic perception and exploratory procedures involved in order to complete your snack, clean up the kitchen, and ingesting your snack. When the electricity goes out, the rods will be activated and adapt to the dark environment within minutes. Although we can use our eyes to see things in the dark, it is still not efficient as to using haptic perception. With the help of our cognitive map (the map of our familiar surroundings in our mind, ex. we know where the kitchen and washroom are in our home), we use our hands to explore in the dark. We would probably need to find a knife, a plate, a cup, peanut butter and bread in the drawers and countertop to begin with. We touch the edges of the countertops of the kitchen with our fingertips, one of the most sensitive areas of our body. We reach out for the handle of the kitchen fridge for milk. By touching the edge of the cup, we can estimate the where to pour the milk and by hearing the sound of the pouring milk, we approximate when to stop. After finishing the snack and the drink, cleaning up is the easy part since we use our hands to wash dishes, thus we are used to using the touch perception. 2. You are preparing dinner for you in-laws for the first time. As you stand at the counter chopping onions, tears begin to form in your eyes and it’s not because your in-laws are coming! Explain this common reaction, from the sensation, to the perception, to where it is processed. The onion releases a type
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