ACS-1803 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Central Processing Unit, Computer Hardware, Inkjet Printing

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Acs 1803 study questions 1 (the following questions are intended to help guide your studying. Be sure to emphasize understanding of how all the ideas fit together - until you feel that you can explain these ideas to someone else. How is a program consisting of several machine language instructions executed in the cpu: the majority of microcomputers today use the binary code acsii, which stands for american standard code for information interchange. Acsii simply represents letters, numbers, and any other characters in binary form. It uses the same concept of binary coding as stated to translate english for the computer and vice versa. Machine language is made up of binary codes as previously stated. The 1"s and 0"s as already stated are individual bits, now eight bits make a byte, which is equivalent to one letter or number we type in.