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Study Guides for BIOLOGY at University of Winnipeg (UWINNIPEG)


BIOL-3303 Study Guide - Final Guide: Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism, Rna Splicing, Foregut Fermentation

OC1364259 Page
A larger genome does not mean more protein coding genes are present. Duplicates (paralogs) exist; one copy preserves function while the other may acqui
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UWINNIPEGBIOL-2111Nancy LoadmanFall

BIOL-2111 Study Guide - Dermal Bone, Ostracoderm, Pronephros

OC1364259 Page
Paired pharyngeal gill slits, dorsal tubular nerve cord, notochord, post-anal muscular tail, subpharyngeal gland that binds iodine (endostyle or thyroi
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UWINNIPEGBIOL-2111Nancy LoadmanFall

BIOL-2111 Study Guide - Medulla Oblongata, Viviparity, Inferior Vena Cava

OC13642513 Page
2. 1 vertebrates in relation to other animals: protostomes- only have the blastopore opening to the body (ex. Arthropods, annelids, etc. : deuterostome
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