International Marketing Final Exam Review

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University of Winnipeg
Business And Administration
Satyendra Singh

Final Exam ReviewFormatExam will be cumulativeBe precise and concise Same format as midterm45 SA definition type concept based questions approx 1 page2 LA approx 2 pages Some individual and group presentation stuff might be on exam3 new Ps people process and physical evidence brands definitions of service Key conceptsstages of international marketing SRC and ethnocentrism ethno poly and geo centric stuff International product life cycle pricing strategies 5 Cs of distribution strategic decisions in international expansion international market entry strategies steps in business negotiationsNote All information contained in the MidTerm review is examinableThis review just contains uptodate information and most recently taught concepts Integrated CommunicationsInternational Communication ProcessConsiderations in International Advertising Establish Brand andor improve image Brand image may not be consistent across countriesProduct FeaturesCultural BarriersCanned products are not perceived as healthy products Different message in different country Bicycle recreational in Canada vs Transport in HollandChina Language Dialects 200 in India 30 in Arab 50 in Israel Media Limitations So many per year no programming during working hours CreativityRespect culture poor quality magazine but high circulationAdjust media billboard may be costeffective no printing requiredLegal Constraints Ban on certain productsdrugs liquors tobaccoAdvertising Planning Availability too few or too many available advertisements Coverage media appropriateness media may be political need different media to gain wider coverage video vans putting ads on cementmixer boats Costs Do negotiate it is subject to negotiations depends on your bargain ability Costs of coverage varies ex Belgium 15customer vs 6 ItalyNewspaper Difficult to get space in Time magazinePossible to buy editorial space in some countriesContextual priming effect Recent research has shown that an ad context eg magazine articles or adjacent advertisements can affect the interpretation of ambiguous product information in the ad by priming or activating certain product attributes in consumers knowledgeThe product attributes primed by the ad context may result in the formation or change of beliefs about the advertised brand thereby affecting consumers evaluations of the brand Such effects of the ad context are called contextual priming effectsMagazine Some countries have no space so select twice as many advertisements then select half by raffleForeign edition of home magazine may be usefulRestrictions in some countries 10 of space and 5 of advertising time can only be allocated in VietnamRadio and TV people today are obsessed with TV Check for restrictionsOther Media Advertisements on vehicles to serve as a moving billboards drivers will show their usual driving pattern and routes
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